Dr. Lallan is the Chairman of iCekap Group and a trainer with a proven record of success and also has been in Information Technology for more than 12 years. As an industry based consultant, his training has always been very well balanced with hands on experience. 

His books as been listed in the Top 100 category at ITunes.com.

He is also Malaysian Book of Record Holder ” The First Malaysian To List His Book In An Encyclopedia”

Subashkaran is a software developer and a trainer with a proven record of success, and has been in Information Technology for more than 14 years. His technical knowledge has earned him the opportunity to rise in the corporate ladder at a very young age. His exposure in his working environment has helped in gain not only vast knowledge but also the experience at the same time. He has experiences in handling software projects in local companies, foreign companies and in the government sector.

Shamani Narayanasamy has been in the digital world industry for the past 10 years. Through this timelapse, she has encountered various kinds of businesses that in need of digital marketing and e-commerce. Having setup countless of online businesses and marketing efforts for her customers, she founded her own online business; PickNShop. With steady progress she has booked herself in the digital marketing world, seen as one of the most prominent Facebook and Whatsapp promoter in this region. Her active role in promoting Samurai Blogs has helped to achieve 300+ active bloggers.

Dr. Vivek is a plant stem cell consultant (Cambium Meristematic Cells) which produced by Korean Scientist in the name of PLANTEL ( Research & Development Centre) and has been in this orthodox medicine field for more than 3 years. He studied medical degree in Indonesia and currently based in Klang. His position now as Head of Medical Advisory in a Nutritional based company which distributing Plant Stem Cells (CMC Biotechnology- Wild Ginseng 50 Years). His expertise is giving advice on the health condition and help them to improvise their condition for a speed recovery.

Dr Vivek is also a Top Blogger at Samurai Blogs and he continues to write and educate people about stem cells and other health related issues.

Artha Nyana is a Non Profit Organization which provides one stop lifelong learning & centre for ‘Wealth & Spiritual’ upliftment. They also provide talks and workshops for many different topics to help out communities.

iMoses is our artificial intelligence assistant at iCekap Group. It was developed and purchased in the United States in the year 2021. Currently, iMoses is able to handle and organize all customers and company information automatically. It is able to handle 10 to 100 million records and information at iCekap Group in a day. Plus it is also handling computer programming projects for large and SME clients. iMoses also has the ability to draw and program our machines for Handicraft projects.

Our Banker

Agro Bank Malaysia has been our good financial banker for the past 10 years with iCekap Group partners. We have good financial standings with Agro Bank Malaysia. They have financed our businesses especially for IT trainings and software development projects with the Government. At the total they have financed up to RM 100k for our company and businesses.

Our Vendorships

The Department of Plantation Malaysia has been a great advisor to iCekap Group partners for the implementation of hydroponic projects. They have provided us a plantation grant for us to speed the plantation projects. They also have provided us expertise in hydroponic and plantation areas. Based on their numerous trainings we have successfully produced spinach and ladies finger crops in a big quantity.

The Department of Kraftangan Malaysia are always there to support handicraft entrepreneurs to expand their business country wide. iCekap Group is registered vendor to Kraftangan Malaysia. We have an exclusive grant from them to reach out to our handicraft audiences. Kraftangan Malaysia also provides us training and expertise to improve our handicraft products.

HRDF or now known as HRDCorp Malaysia provides fund and grants for training development in Malaysia. iCekap Group is registered training provider under HRDCorp Malaysia. We have provided HRDCorp trainings under SBL-KHAS schemes for corporate sectors and HRDF Penjana for training public programs.

Our Global Principle Partner

MyHelpful Academy is a well known company that provides certification for IT subjects. They are based at Ontario, Canada. MyHelpful Academy has appointment iCekap Group as the sole distributor for South East Asia to distribute their certifications in these regions. Their sole distributorship agreement has helped iCekap Group to scale further by creating satellite offices at Indonesia and Philippines.