Welcome to iCekap Group. We are basically a group of businesses and companies running as an ecosystem to solve and deliver solutions to our customers.

We create bionic contents and businesses for sustainability

From iCekap Group

We are involved in these business sectors as below:

  • Corporate Sector Ethical Hacking Trainings
  • Certifications Program Worldwide
  • Government Sector Software Development
  • Software Tools For Oil and Gas Health and Safety
  • Software Tools For Complex Time Attendance System
  • Blogging Platform For Small Medium Enterprises
  • EBooks Publishing Worldwide
  • Ecommerce Platform and Social Media Marketing
  • Hydroponics
  • School Kids Program For Programming Classes
  • Handicraft Projects
  • Plantation Management System

I will write IT books to help at least 10000 people in the world to get good jobs and increase in salaries and always be happy with their families.

From Dr Lallan

What is our credibility? On 2 May 2019, our CEO Dr Lallan has received the Malaysia Book of Records. The record achieved was

“The First Malaysian To List An Ebook At Encyclopedia”